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Water Networks Operations

RPS has been providing reliable, innovative Water Networks Operations services since 1992.  During this time we have provided support to every Water Company in the UK.

Supported by our Water Networks Management Consultants, our Field Engineers have the knowledge and experience required to investigate and offer resolution options for all water networks operations problems.  The innovative solutions provided focus on value for money and mitigation of risk whilst maintaining the highest levels of service to the client and its customers.

Our capabilities include:

Optimisation of Water Networks Configuration

Deployment and Interrogation of Data Collection Technologies

High and Low Water Pressure Investigation

Water Pressure Management Optimisation

Leakage Detection

Water Quality Investigation

Water Network Operations Auditing

Water Main Flushing

Water Service Pipe Investigation

Pre and Post Meter Installation Survey

Valve/Asset Data Collection and Operation

24-hour Standby and Emergency Response

Confined Space Access

Flow Meter Verification

Case Studies

DMA Establishment and Operability

DMA Establishment and Operability

Scottish Water

RPS has designed and implemented a highly successful District Meter Area system for Scotland.

These were designed and installed across the geographic regions of Glasgow, Renfrew, Edinburgh, Grampian and Argyll and have been used to help Scottish Water meet its economic leakage targets.

Leakage Detection

Leakage Detection

Northern Ireland Water

Northern Ireland Water (NIW) required RPS to undertake Leakage Detection Services.

The project encompassed all areas of Northern Ireland and required the detection, location, marking and reporting of water leaks throughout NIW’s distribution network.

RPS leakage detection specialists carried out thorough surveys of district meter areas (DMA) that had been prioritised for intervention by NIW.

RPS supported NIW in its aim to cost-effectively fulfil its leakage management objectives. Effective collaborative working arrangements led to improved leakage management business processes.

The principal benefits to NIW as a result of the project included:

The efficient and cost-effective attainment of NIW’s leakage detection objectives;

The embedding of improved leakage management processes; and

The development of trained, locally-based leakage detection specialists to complement NIW’s existing in-house resources and to help facilitate NIW’s regulatory operational efficiency targets.

Universal Metering Program

Universal Metering Programme

Southern Water

Southern Water provides 1 million water and 2 million wastewater connections across Kent, Sussex, Hampshire and the Isle of Wight.

Within the current AMP there will be compulsory metering 500,000 domestic properties. RPS has been supporting the main service provider, Balfour Beatty Utility Services Ltd, undertaking water meter pre-installation survey services. The RPS delivery solution utilises the latest technologies utilising Smart phones and a web-based application.

The technology enables:

Surveys to be scheduled via the web to the field surveyors

Surveyors to enter stop tap details and images onto the PDA

Live viewing of survey data

Electronic upload to Installers work management system

Installer to pre-programme installation types and materials requirements.

RPS surveyors have successfully completed 300,000 surveys within the first 2 years of the programme.

Water Mains Flushing

Water Mains Flushing

United Utilities Water

As a tactical response to maintaining high water quality, RPS has designed and implemented a systematic water mains flushing programme for United Utilities.

This was driven by a need to remove discoloured water from the distribution network and has been highly successful in reducing incidents of discoloured water and customer complaints

These schemes were designed only after comprehensive site surveys and accompanying flow and pressure assessments had been made. Also undertaken in advance of any operations were DOMS risk assessments to ensure customers did not receive discoloured water during flushing operations.

Successful completion was assessed by way of water quality samples and photographic evidence.

RPS has also carried out similar services for Scottish Water, Northumbrian Water and Dwr Cymru.