Shellfish Pollution Reduction Programme Project


Shellfish Pollution Reduction Programme Project

Dept. of Environment, Community, and Local Government

RPS was appointed to prepare Shellfish Pollution Reduction Programmes (PRPs) for Ireland’s 64 designated shellfish areas in accordance with the Shellfish Directive.

Supporting Characterisation Reports were developed for each shellfish area to establish an initial assessment of compliance with shellfish water quality standards and, following examination of the various pressures and impacts within the catchment of each shellfish area, provide a prioritised list of pressures on water quality in each designated shellfish area.

The Shellfish PRPs identified site-specific actions to be taken in relation to the prioritised pressures to ensure that compliance with shellfish standards is achieved. Strategic Environmental Assessment and Habitats Directive Assessment processes were carried out in tandem with the PRP development process.

The actions specified in the PRPs are derived from the Programmes of Measures outlined in the Water Framework Directive River Basin Management Plans, reflecting the common objective to improve water quality in the two Directives. In addition, designated shellfish areas are part of the Water Framework Register of Protected Areas, providing a further link between the Pollution Reduction Programmes and River Basin Management Planning.