Shannon International River Basin District Project


Shannon International River Basin District Project

Dept. of Environment, Community and Local Government

RPS was commissioned by the Dept. of Environment, Community, and Local Government as lead consultant on the Shannon River Basin District Project.

A multi-disciplinary approach was adopted, with specialist project teams addressing specific areas of interest while maintaining communication with other teams and stakeholders, under the coordination of an overall project core team.

The project included

extensive data collection

legislative review

characterisation of the district, it’s waters, pressures and physical characteristics

establishment of WFD-compliant monitoring programmes

establishment of the status of all waters in the district;

assessment and classification of heavily modified water bodies

development of clear objectives for water bodies and a programme of measures to achieve these objectives

development of River Basin Management Plans

development of an environmental management system

Strategic Environmental Assessment and Habitats Directive Assessment

significant stakeholder consultation and public participation.