North South Shared Aquatic Resources Projects


North South Shared Aquatic Resources Projects

Dept. of Environment, Community, and Local Government (Republic of Ireland), Dept. of Environment (Northern Ireland).

RPS was commissioned to provide consultancy services for the North South Shared Aquatic Resources Project, the NS2 Project and the NS2 Extentsion Project, all Water Framework Directive implementation projects.

A multi-disciplinary approach was adopted, with specialist project teams addressing specific areas of interest while maintaining communication with other teams and stakeholders, under the coordination of an overall project core team.

The projects included:

Characterisation of the districts, their waters, pressures and physical characteristics

Development of River Basin Management Plans

Strategic Environmental Assessment and Habitats Directive Assessment

Significant stakeholder consultation and public participation

Development of ecological classification tools

Development of a national WebGIS viewer (WaterMaps) covering all water bodies nationally and providing background information to stakeholders in support of the River Basin Management Plans

Development of a national database of the status, protected area interests, objectives and programme of measures for all surface and groundwater bodies

Development of a measures prioritisation procedure

Prepararion of the WFD Article 13 reporting to the EU WISE System

Liaison with with Northern Ireland authorities to ensure agreement on status and objectives for cross-border surface and ground water bodies

Development of Water Management Unit Action Plans for smaller sub catchments within the wider River Basin Districts.