Highland Council Water Efficiency Audits


Highland Council Water Efficiency Audits


Business Stream/Highland Council

RPS has undertaken a programme of water efficiency audits for Highland Council on behalf of Business Stream, covering 30 sites in the north of Scotland.

As part of their efforts to reduce the environmental impact of their business operations, Highland Council are committed to reducing water consumption across their facilities in Scotland, with a view to achieving sustainable cost savings. Our work followed on from a water efficiency benchmarking exercise which identified existing levels of water usage across Highland Council’s property portfolio and highlighted potentially significant year-on-year savings.

As part of an ongoing water efficiency strategy, RPS undertook prioritised site-specific audits to identify opportunities for potential savings to be realised. Our work included meter data logging and analysis, external and internal leakage detection, internal asset audits and summary reporting. The outputs provided Highland Council with the information required to implement a range of recommendations based around water efficient devices and practices.