Corrib Onshore Gas Pipeline


Corrib Onshore Gas Pipeline

Shell E&P Ireland Ltd. (SEPIL)

RPS was responsible for developing an approach to surface water management during construction that would minimise potential impacts in an environmentally sensitive area.

RPS provided specialist technical input to the project in the following water related areas:

Flood risk assessment studies

Water catchment modelling

Drainage design for Landfall Valve Installation (LVI), pipeline construction works on land and tunnelling compound (> 3.7ha)

Wastewater design for tunnelling compound

Temporary surface water treatment systems for enabling works phases

Detailed design of surface water treatment system for tunnelling compound (300m3 per day) including high rate lamellae settlers, sand ballasted lamellae settlers, disc filters, pH dosing etc.

Technical support to SEPIL construction team for commissioning of surface water treatment system

Technical support for procurement, operations and maintenance of surface water treatment systems


Surface water management was particularly challenging on this project given that much of the construction was in peat and located in close proximity to Sruwaddacon Bay.