Cheekpoint Sewerage Scheme


Cheekpoint Sewerage Scheme

Irish Water

RPS has completed the design and construction supervision of a new €3.2m wastewater treatment plant and collection system in County Waterford.

The project comprised construction of a new 750 PE treatment plant and 4km of gravity sewers, including a storm overflow pipe laid 190m out into the River Suir. The treatment processes and infrastructure will ensure the local environment is better protected from the adverse effects of urban wastewater with a significant improvement in the water quality of the River Suir.

The new plant will provide the village of Cheekpoint with a modern sewage collection and treatment system capable of meeting current and future development needs. The old septic tank systems which only provided primary treatment have been decommissioned and the new plant is fully operational. A higher standard of wastewater treatment, comprising primary and secondary treatment processes and UV disinfection, complies with the required Urban Wastewater Treatment Directive Standards and the European Council Shellfish Directive.