Dublin Waste to Energy


Dublin Waste to Energy

Dublin City Council

Client Representative for the Dublin Waste to Energy PPP project, providing project management and technical advice.

The objective was to determine the optimum procurement route and procure a thermal treatment plant in the Dublin Region utilising the most up to date technology.

Our role on this project included site selection; managing the entire process through to construction; managing input and baseline monitoring for the Environmental Impact Statement (EIS); managing the planning and licensing process including Oral Hearings for planning permissions and waste licence; foreshore and CER licence applications.

The project was stalled during a political hiatus 2009 – 2011. This was followed by environmental and commercial objections to the EU Commission on State Aid and Procurement. These were all rejected by the Commission following detailed submissions led by RPS.

Once cleared by the EU Commission, a Value for Money (VFM) Certificate was issued by the National Development Finance Agency. The four Dublin Local Authority CEOs then approved the revised Project Agreement with Covanta on September 19th 2014. Construction commenced thereafter and the plant is expected to be commissioned by 2017.