Corrib Onshore Gas Pipeline


Corrib Onshore Gas Pipeline

Shell E&P Ireland Ltd. (SEPIL)

RPS provided resource and waste management input to the project from EIS stage through to detailed design and reinstatement stages.

RPS considered resource and materials management in detail in the project EIS. A major element of the materials management plan was the consideration of alternative options for tunnel arisings, with significant geotechnical input from RPS specialists. This was supported at Oral Hearing by an RPS technical expert.

During the construction phase of the project, RPS assisted SEPIL in developing a construction stage waste management plan. Rainwater collection has also been used to support the tunnelling process. An MS Excel based logistics model was also developed to assist SEPIL in managing tunnel arisings and other materials. RPS has also prepared a number of Article 27 Notifications to the EPA for the re-use of tunnel arisings and other surplus materials at other locations.