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Utility Services

RPS provides a full range of Utilities Services consultancy for developments across a range of industry sectors in the UK and Ireland. We deliver innovative and practical engineering to deliver cost effective solutions.

Our team of engineers are committed to providing the highest quality service and we endeavour to bring innovative design wherever possible to save our clients, time, money and energy.

The aim of our early input is to establish the following Principle Objects to determine the cost and viability of the project:

Requirements for 'Disconnections'

Extent of 'Diversions'

Utility 'Capacity' availability.

To establish these Principle Objects, our team:

Collate existing utility company service record drawings

Obtain existing ‘as fitted’ information for the site

Determine the requirement for:

Diversions due to new buildings

Diversions / lowering of services due to new road layouts


Develop a load schedule for Gas, Water & Electricity

Obtain firm quotations from the relevant suppliers for the proposed works, including:



New Supplies

Produce a multi-utility services drawing presenting the site wide utilities strategy.


We bring together all of the information we have collected to produce a detailed report presenting the principle objectives

Case Studies

Rochdale Town Centre

Rochdale Town Centre

Rochdale Municipal Borough Council

RPS completed a detailed review of site wide community heating for Rochdale Town Centre including extensive diversions and a new supply capacity upgrade.

The £55m component of an ambitious project for the regeneration of Rochdale town centre in Greater Manchester including 28,000m² of council and NHS office space including a new public library and customer services point

NIC Robotics Project


NIC Robotics Project


RPS provided technical consultancy services on SGN’s NIC Robotics project.

RPS was appointed to this industry leading project in March 2014, in partnership with SGN and ULC Pipeline Robotics. This project pioneered the deployment of inspection and repair robots in live gas distribution mains that had never been attempted before. It involved the design, manufacture and field testing of the new robots, which were successfully tested in live gas mains in London in November 2015. The project was awarded the Engineers Ireland Technical Innovation Award 2016.

RPS provided technical assessments at key milestones in the development of robotic solutions, assessing and reporting on the development of operational procedures in support of deployment, and the analysis and reporting of field trial data throughout deployment.

The innovative technology measures degree of corrosion, wall thickness, stress and strain in pipelines and will allow gas utilities to asset manage the life of cast iron pipeline infrastructure. Its use will allow pipeline inspection and joint repair operations to take place with minimal disruption to customers, with fewer traffic restrictions, lower road reinstatement costs and no supply restrictions for gas customers.



CTD Developments

RPS completed below ground survey mapping and extensive diversion and capacity upgrade works for this mixed-use development including Offices, Retail space and Residential units.

Existing Mill refurbishment consisting ground floor café bar restaurant, upper floor offices and top floor residential units.

Hattersley District & Tesco Stores

Hattersley District & Tesco Stores

CTD Developments

RPS advised on the extensive diversion and disconnections of existing services to the site for a mixed use development with Retail and Community Buildings.

Services included below ground services mapping and consideration and analysis of overhead HV cables to site.

Dee Side

Dee Side


RPS completed an extensive Energy Strategy appraisal for this mixed use development.

RPS reviewed individual, standalone energy strategies and district heating facility linked to waste heat facility and co-ordinated the utility services.