Killybegs Corrosion Study


Killybegs Corrosion Study

Department of Communications Marine & Natural Resources

RPS was commissioned by the Department of Communications, Marine and Natural Resources to carry out an underwater inspection of approximately 350 Frodingham No.4 box piles and extensive measurement of residual pile thickness to determine corrosion patterns.

Underwater survey work was undertaken by RPS’s Chartered Engineer diver and using video inspection and ultrasonic steel thickness measurement devices.

An examination of Sulphate Reducing Bacteria affected piles was carried out at low water level and the distribution of Accelerated Low Water Corrosion was assessed throughout the pier structures.

A survey report was prepared including recommendations for remediation of the structures. 

Remedial options investigated and costed  and instigated included:-

Steel collar at low water

Concrete jacket around pile

Paint protection including underwater paint application

Cathodic Protection