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Refurbishment and Underwater Services

RPS has provided underwater expertise to many clients in both inshore, nearshore and inland waters over many years.

RPS is one of the few consultancies who offer in-house diving Inspection Engineers combined with a full design and consultancy advice on the repair and refurbishment of marine structures. RPS’s underwater experience includes inspections of concrete, steel and masonry quay and bridge structures, breakwaters, locks, culverts, underwater supervision long sea outfalls, seabed sampling and photography.

RPS also has experience in the design of steel sheet piling, corrosion assessment and control on all forms of piling, marine construction using sheet piling with anchors, tubular piling with precast beam and deck units and caisson structures (concrete and cellular steel caissons). In recent years, RPS has specialised in the investigation of accelerated low water corrosion of marine structures and can provide expert impartial advice on cost effective systems for the protection of structures.


Above and Underwater Structural Inspections

Design of New Works and Repairs

Non Destructive Testing

Corrosion Assessment and Cathodic Protection

Scour Inspections

Video & Low-light Photography

Environmental Inspections

Diving Contractor Supervision and Management

Case Studies

Ballylumford Structural repairs

Ballylumford Structural Repairs

RPS was appointed by Enelpower UK Ltd to design and supervise repair works to the concrete jetty at Ballylumford Power Station which was suffering from extensive reinforcement corrosion and spalling concrete

The works included:-

Breaking out defective concrete

Replacement of corroded steel

Concrete repair

Strengthening using CFRP bonded external reinforcement

Application of corrosion inhibitor

Bangor Harbour Pile Refurbishment

Bangor Harbour Pile Refurbishment

North Down Borough Council

RPS was appointed by North Down Borough Council to undertake the following Consultancy Services:

Detailed dive survey of Central Pier piling by RPS’s Chartered Engineer diver and using video inspection and non destructive testing techniques, including 111nr steel tubular piles.

Detailed design of pile collaring strengthening technique following discovery of ALWC and numerous holes in piling.

Preparation of Tender documentation, management of tender process including tender appraisal, Contract award and Contract administration.

Supervision of installation works, comprising:-

Installation of 111nr galvanised steel collars extending from mid tide to seabed level. Welded and grouted in place.

Painting of existing pile sections above collar level with a zinc rich paint system.

Installation of navigation channel markers.

Quality assurance, including underwater inspection of installed collars.

Monitoring and inspections to end of maintenance period and agreement of final account.


Underwater Inspection

Engineering Design

Tender Documentation

Project Supervision

Project Management

Cathodic Protection of Belfast Harbour Port Structures

Cathodic Protection of Belfast Harbour Port Structures

RPS was appointed by Belfast Harbour Commissioners to undertake cathodic protection works to various port structures.

The works included:

Installation of 2023 anodes to tubular and sheet piles on 5 major structures

Supervision of diving operation

Chartered Engineer diving and video inspection of commissioned anodes

Design life maintenance program of inspections to be implemented.

Kilkeel Quay Wall repairs

Kilkeel Quay Wall Repairs

RPS was appointed by McLaughlin and Harvey to undertake the following Consultancy Services for the repair of sheet pile structures at Kilkeel Harbour.


Detailed dive surveys by RPS and using video inspection and non destructive testing techniques, including masonry and steel sheet pile quay wall structures.

Detailed design of new sheet pile walls for two quay sections including reinstatement of RNLI davit and rails.

Design of innovative quay wall refronting repairs in reinforced concrete, including temporary shutter design for use in tidal environment and implementation of ground anchoring systems to replace existing corroded tie rods.

Design of plating repairs and cathodic protection for corroded sheet pile wall structures.

Design of spending bank rock armouring, retaining wall in precast concrete and pontoon access structures.

Killybegs Corrosion Study

Killybegs Corrosion Study

Department of Communications Marine & Natural Resources

RPS was commissioned by the Department of Communications, Marine and Natural Resources to carry out an underwater inspection of approximately 350 Frodingham No.4 box piles and extensive measurement of residual pile thickness to determine corrosion patterns.

Underwater survey work was undertaken by RPS’s Chartered Engineer diver and using video inspection and ultrasonic steel thickness measurement devices.

An examination of Sulphate Reducing Bacteria affected piles was carried out at low water level and the distribution of Accelerated Low Water Corrosion was assessed throughout the pier structures.

A survey report was prepared including recommendations for remediation of the structures. 

Remedial options investigated and costed  and instigated included:-

Steel collar at low water

Concrete jacket around pile

Paint protection including underwater paint application

Cathodic Protection