Historic Towns Pedestrian Signage Project


Historic Towns Pedestrian Signage Project

Fáilte Ireland

RPS developed national guidelines for the provision of pedestrian wayfinding schemes in historic towns across the country as part of a Fáilte Ireland capital investment initiative.

This unique project was part of an initiative under Fáilte Ireland's Tourism Product Development Strategy, which identified Ireland's historic cities, towns and villages as a cultural heritage asset with significant tourism potential. The aim was to enhance the experience of visitors to these historic locations.

The guidelines are intended as a practical aid to local authorities, chambers of commerce, tidy towns committees, and any other business and community groups who are interested in improving the tourism amenity value of their towns and villages.

RPS' involvement included a review of international best practice, development of national templates for pedestrian wayfinding signs, including directional, orientation and interpretive signs, steering group consultations, as well as development of a national specification including design features, materials, supports etc. We also prepared guidance for the development of tourist signing strategies in towns and villages, including evaluation and maintenance procedures.