National Road Network Re-Signing Project


National Road Network Re-Signing Project

National Roads Authority (NRA)

RPS played a key design role in delivering this €60m re-signing programme for over 2,500km of the National Road network.

RPS provided a comprehensive traffic sign design consultancy service. We were responsible for project, cost and programme management, national signage policy input, market research, co-ordination of signage development and detailed design, preparation of contracts, procurement and tendering, contract administration and construction supervision, and PSDP.

The project also involved liaison and consultation with the NRA, 26 local authorities, state agencies, stakeholders, interest groups, political representatives, members of the public, other design organisations, and civil works and specialist contractors.

As part of this project, RPS has developed and implemented re-signing schemes across many of the country's most prominent National Routes, see map.