Deysbrook CCTV


Deysbrook CCTV

United Utilities

Survey of large diameter Victorian sewers in central Liverpool.

Liverpool has a Victorian sewer system that now forms a critical part of a much enlarged system. RPS was asked by UU to carry out a challenging CCTV sewer of a large diameter brick sewer in the Deysbrook area. The pipe is over 2m high in places and continually flowing. Due to the size of the sewer and the flows, RPS had to develop a specially designed float to carry the CCTV camera.

RPS’ experience in sewer entry and CCTV meant that we were able to overcome all the hurdles and produce a complete survey of the old sewer. Planning included stringent health and safety procedures, rescue plans and monitoring of long and short term weather forecasts. Condition was found to be good and the quality of the Victorian design and workmanship should stand United Utilities in good stead for years to come.