Developer Impact Studies


Developer Impact Studies

Thames Water

Assessing the likely impact on the existing sewers of proposed new development.

RPS supported Thames Water in the assessment of the impact likely to be caused by new development within their area. RPS has provided support in over 250 proposals over the last 5 years. Assessing impact involves site survey work, assessing historical records and computer network modelling using InfoWorks. If the proposed development is found to adversely affect the existing network then solutions need to be proposed.

Planning regulations mean that Water Companies have very limited time to assess and determine their requirements for developers. Because RPS is able to offer a full solution from site work to high end consultancy we can meet these targets and support our clients. The assessment can include InfoWorks model building to add detail to an existing client model or constructing a completely new model of a small town or village which is then available for use by the client.