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River Engineering

RPS has a long track record in delivering complex river engineering projects providing sustainable engineering solutions in environmentally sensitive areas.

RPS has developed a reputation for delivering a wide range of river engineering projects incorporating high level strategic assessment, feasibility studies, detailed design, EIS, SEA, Habitats Directive Assessment, project management and site supervision. These projects include flood alleviation schemes, hydro-electric schemes, environmental improvement measures, river channel/canal restoration projects and hydraulic structure design. RPS has a detailed understanding of the sensitive nature of the fluvial environment and the need to achieve a balance between engineering functionality and environmental, social and economic sustainability.

Our dedicated team of river, structural and geotechnical engineers, hydrologists, hydraulic modellers, environmental experts and planners can provide the complete range of services necessary to deliver schemes of this nature. In addition, RPS recognises the interaction that rivers have with communities through which they flow and the opportunities they provide as a social and leisure amenity. Consequently, RPS endorses the principle of stakeholder and community engagement at the early stages of a project to ensure that solutions are developed which are sensitive to the requirements of those directly affected.

Case Studies

Carlow Flood Relief Project

Carlow Flood Relief Project

Carlow County Council

The award winning Carlow Flood Relief project safeguards residents of Carlow Town against the threat of flooding.

Carlow Town, with a population of over 23,000, has been affected by flooding from the Rivers Barrow and Burrin for many years.

The design of Carlow Flood Relief Scheme recommended containment of the 100 year flood within the river channels as the preferred solution, to be achieved through the construction of reinforced concrete and sheetpiled floodwalls.

The biggest challenge for RPS as project designer and engineer was to design defences that would not adversely impact on the town’s long relationship with its rivers. The project involved considerable correspondence with multiple stakeholders. The flood defence works incorporated new amenity facilities in the area, including a new improved boat slip and a pedestrian tow path.

As well as protecting the built environment and creating a new public realm, the works have provided an added benefit to the town by regenerating areas and enhancing the public’s association with the town’s rivers. The project won the Protecting the Built Environment Award at the Engineers Ireland Excellence Awards 2014.

Moneymore Flood Alleviation Scheme

Moneymore Flood Alleviation Scheme

Dawson WAM

The area around the Ballymully River in Moneymore, Co. Londonderry has historically been affected by flooding. RPS was appointed by contractor Dawson WAM as detailed designers for a £1.9m flood alleviation scheme funded by DARD Rivers Agency. Access for construction was restricted by the close proximity of residential dwellings, making it a requirement to keep vibrations to an absolute minimum and river had significant fish habitat. RPS proposed an innovative design incorporating

800m of secant pile/ reinforced concrete flood wall

150m of reinforced concrete conventional retaining wall

drainage works

Watercourse management and improvement measures.

The project achieved the highest CEEQUAL score in the UK for a flood alleviation scheme at the time.

Mornington Flood Alleviation Scheme

The Office of Public Works

RPS was initially appointed by the Office of Public Works to undertake a feasibility study into the provision of a flood alleviation scheme for Mornington, County Meath. Work entailed a feasibility study, hydrological and hydraulic modelling of a tidal estuary, economic analysis of options and an EIS. RPS also undertook the detailed design incorporated flood embankments, reinforced concrete walls, bridge amendments, back drainage and a surface water pumping station with a scheme value of €3.1m.

Roe Valley Hydro Electric Scheme

Roe Valley Hydro Electric Scheme

Northern Ireland Environment Agency

RPS was appointed by the NI Environment Agency to undertake a feasibility study into the refurbishment of a redundant hydro scheme in Roe Valley County Park, Co Londonderry in Northern Ireland. RPS carried out a feasibility study looking at revenue potential vs capital costs and subsequently carried out a detailed design of all aspects of the works, environmental impact assessment, acted as planning consultant, produced contract documents and procured a contractor to undertake the works. The project was complicated by the fact the building housing the redundant turbine was Grade 2 Listed, the River Roe was a key salmon river and the park was designated as an ASSI. Overcoming all of these challenges enabled the scheme to be progressed to construction in early 2012. The scheme is currently on site and is due for completion in early 2013.

Skibbereen Flood Alleviation Scheme

Skibbereen Flood Alleviation Scheme

Cork County Council / Office of Public Works

RPS was appointed to undertake a catchment flood risk assessment and management study and detailed design of a proposed flood alleviation scheme in Skibbereen, County Cork. RPS undertook detailed hydrological and hydraulic modelling of the River Ilen estuary and Caol Stream, Glencurragh Stream and Showground Stream in the vicinity of Skibbereen using MIKE Flood software.

This baseline data was utilised to develop a range of options using a multi criteria analysis incorporating economic, social and environmental indicators. RPS also undertook an environmental statement and cost benefit analysis as part of this process. The preferred option generally comprises flood walls, embankments and channel regrading works with an estimated cost of approx €13M.  The scheme was displayed at a series of public information days and is currently advancing through the planning phase prior to the development of a detailed design by RPS.

Waterford Flood Alleviation Scheme

Waterford Flood Alleviation Scheme

Waterford City Council / Office of Public Works

RPS was appointed by the Office of Public Works (OPW) and Waterford City Council to undertake a feasibility study and detailed design of the €15m flood alleviation scheme in Waterford City to reduce the risk of flooding from the River Suir and John’s River.  RPS undertook detailed hydrological and hydraulic assessments of the river estuary, cost benefit analysis and developed the preferred solution of flood walls and embankments for public exhibition and engagement.

The preferred option incorporated the construction of approximately 10km of flood walls and embankments along the river banks (River Suir and John’s River) in Waterford City and includes the design of approximately 1 km of 1.1 m high glass flood wall. RPS undertook all aspects of the project from inception, through design, construction, site supervision, project management and client handover.