Argyll Array Offshore Wind Farm


Argyll Array Offshore Wind Farm

Scottish Power Renewables

RPS was commissioned by Scottish Power Renewables to act as lead ornithological advisor for the Argyll Array offshore wind farm.

The main objective of this project was to robustly characterise the bird assemblage using the survey area and predict the likely impacts of the proposed turbine array. Birds considered included breeding, wintering and migratory populations of seabird species and important terrestrial birds such as Greenland white fronted geese, whooper swan and corncrake.

Observations of birds and marine mammals were conducted over 2 years using:

Monthly boat-based surveys

Land based radar tracking during spring and autumn migration

Land based surveys

The information gathered served as a baseline of normal ecological function for the site and allowed the development of predictions for potential impacts of turbines on the bird population from barrier effects, displacement and collision risk.

This project is currently ongoing and RPS has produced a draft Technical Report and Habitats Regulations Assessment for the project.