Scottish Water


Scottish Water

Leakage Consultancy

RPS was commissioned to calculate a Long Run Economic Level of Leakage for Scottish Water.

The contract comprised collection and analysis of data relating to leakage levels, Natural Rate of Rise (NRR), active leakage control costs, marginal costs of water and intervention options to calculate a long run economic level of leakage in accordance with UKWIR best practice.

RPS successfully calculated an economic level of leakage for the period 2010 – 2015, across a 25 year planning horizon.

RPS' approach provided Scottish Water with significant benefits including:

The calculation of a robust economic level of leakage meets the needs of the economic regulator.

The methodology employed had the flexibility to allow both previously committed capital schemes and headroom deficits to be fixed in the model.

Other infrastructure options for reducing leakage (apart from leakage detection) such as mains renewals and pressure reduction were also considered.