Drax Power Station


Drax Power Station


Drax Power Ltd / Shepherd Construction Ltd

RPS is Lead Designer, Architect and Civil / Structural Engineer for the Eco-store and biomass fuel transfer element of Project Phoenix, a programme to convert three of six generating units from coal to renewable, cost effective biomass material.

The biomass conversion programme depends upon the design and construction of a new fuel storage and handling facility, together with associated plant modifications to secure the maximum benefit from co-firing.

The implemented solution is an innovative and complex system of fuel delivery, handling, storage and reclaim for the pelletised fuel. It is delivered to site by train and automatically unloaded as the train passes, without stopping, through a dedicated multi-level unloading building incorporating a 15m deep sheet piled basement.

The fuel is transported via a system of conveyers, most supported on steel gantries, to a maximum height of 65m. A bespoke process building facilitates the screening of the fuel to remove over-sized materials and ferrous contaminants. The fuel is then conveyed to one of four 63m diameter, 50m high storage domes, each one capable of storing more than 110,000m3 of biomass fuel.