Union Square


Union Square


Keele University

RPS provided initial concept proposals for on an ongoing project to create an events plaza at Keele University.

The project included regenerated shop frontages, new pathways, street furniture, service diversions and associated hard and soft landscape works and detailing.

Paving designs for the events plaza were inspired by the existing paving ‘weave’ in front of the adjacent listed Chapel. We provided presentation plans for both public consultation and planning submission, as well as arboricultural method statements for carrying out work near to existing trees to discharge relevant planning conditions. We liaised with English Heritage consultants over planter, hand rail and paving design associated with the listed Chapel. We have worked closely with engineers and an artist commissioned to produce a central sculpture within the events plaza to ensure the installation is fully integrated within the design.

Keeping pedestrians moving around the site and restrictions imposed by the academic calendar has required careful planning by the design team and contractor.