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At RPS, our hydrology expertise is used in many sectors to ensure a safe, secure and sustainable water environment.

RPS delivers a wide range of hydrology projects, supporting the protection of our water environment. Working in collaboration with our clients and regulators, our hydrology teams provide a wide range of services supporting the water, planning and development and environment sectors. Our areas of expertise include:

Catchment Management

Regulatory Compliance and Research

Strategic Flood Risk Assessment

Flood Management

Surface Water and Drainage


Development Planning

Water level and flow monitoring

Hydrological analysis and rainfall run off modelling

1D/2D River and Estuarine Modelling

2D/3D Coastal Process Modelling

Surface Water/Network/Pluvial Modelling

Integrated Catchment Modelling

Reservoir Inundation Mapping

Feasibility Studies incorporating Social, Economic and Environmental Impact Assessment

Asset Condition Assessment and Management

Pre-purchase Site Appraisals to assist with land negotiations

Due Diligence Assessments for corporate acquisition and asset management

Drainage Assessments for surface water attenuation

Sustainable Drainage Schemes (SuDS)

Our dedicated team of hydrologists, river engineers and hydrogeologists can provide the complete range of services necessary to deliver water resource schemes, flood defence schemes and manage our water environment. RPS recognises that integrated catchment management services deliver the greatest benefits for business, communities and our natural environment. Consequently, RPS actively promotes stakeholder and community engagement at the early stages of a project to ensure solutions are developed that are sensitive to the requirements of all who live and work in our catchments.

Case Studies

Carlow Flood Relief Project

Carlow Flood Relief Project

Carlow County Council

The award winning Carlow Flood Relief project safeguards residents of Carlow Town against the threat of flooding.

Carlow Town, with a population of over 23,000, has been affected by flooding from the Rivers Barrow and Burrin for many years.

The design of Carlow Flood Relief Scheme recommended containment of the 100 year flood within the river channels as the preferred solution, to be achieved through the construction of reinforced concrete and sheetpiled floodwalls.

The biggest challenge for RPS as project designer and engineer was to design defences that would not adversely impact on the town’s long relationship with its rivers. The project involved considerable correspondence with multiple stakeholders. The flood defence works incorporated new amenity facilities in the area, including a new improved boat slip and a pedestrian tow path.

As well as protecting the built environment and creating a new public realm, the works have provided an added benefit to the town by regenerating areas and enhancing the public’s association with the town’s rivers. The project won the Protecting the Built Environment Award at the Engineers Ireland Excellence Awards 2014.

Maidenhead Ditch National Environment Programme Investigation

Maidenhead Ditch National Environment Programme Investigation

South East Water/Jacobs

In recent years it was thought that South East Water’s groundwater abstractions in Maidenhead were contributing to the lowering of surface water levels in the Maidenhead Ditch.

RPS supported the completion of an AMP5 Low Flow impact assessment of the Maidenhead Ditch with Jacobs, to assess the potential impacts of abstraction on the local surface water environment. Services provided by RPS included observation borehole design and drilling supervision, pump test design and interpretation, tracer tests, surface water quality monitoring, groundwater modelling review, groundwater level and flow analysis and stakeholder consultation.

Mornington Flood Alleviation

Mornington Flood Alleviation Scheme

The Office of Public Works

RPS was initially appointed by the Office of Public Works to undertake a feasibility study into the provision of a flood alleviation scheme for Mornington, County Meath.

Work entailed a feasibility study, hydrological and hydraulic modelling of a tidal estuary, economic analysis of options and an EIS. RPS also undertook the detailed design incorporated flood embankments, reinforced concrete walls, bridge amendments, back drainage and a surface water pumping station with a scheme value of €3.1m.

Reservoir Inundation Mapping

Reservoir Inundation Mapping


RPS is currently undertaking Reservoir Inundation Mapping across Scotland for SEPA.

The Reservoirs (Scotland) Act 2011 was introduced to the Scottish Parliament on 6 October 2010 and gained Royal Assent in April 2011. This new legislation is intended to provide greater security for people, property and critical infrastructure from the risk of flooding from reservoirs by moving from the current capacity based regime to a risk based regime. The aim of project was:

To Include in the Register of Controlled Reservoirs a map showing the area of land which, in the event of an uncontrolled release of water from the reservoir would likely to be flooded (section 9 (2) of the Act).

To assign a provisional risk designation to all controlled reservoirs in the register.

RPS is using InfoWorks RS 2D to produce Reservoir Inundation Mapping for over one hundred reservoirs of varying size and complexity across Scotland.

Skibbereen Flood Alleviation Scheme

Skibbereen Flood Alleviation Scheme

Cork County Council / Office of Public Works

RPS was appointed to undertake a catchment flood risk assessment and management study and detailed design of a proposed flood alleviation scheme in Skibbereen, County Cork.

RPS undertook detailed hydrological and hydraulic modelling of the River Ilen estuary and Caol Stream, Glencurragh Stream and Showground Stream in the vicinity of Skibbereen using MIKE Flood software.

This baseline data was utilised to develop a range of options using a multi criteria analysis incorporating economic, social and environmental indicators. RPS also undertook an environmental statement and cost benefit analysis as part of this process. The preferred option generally comprises flood walls, embankments and channel regrading works with an estimated cost of approx €13M.  The scheme was displayed at a series of public information days and is currently advancing through the planning phase prior to the development of a detailed design by RPS.