Corrib Onshore Gas Pipeline


Corrib Onshore Gas Pipeline

Shell E&P Ireland Ltd. (SEPIL)

As PSDP, RPS was responsible for coordinating the design safety at each stage of the design process from 2007

Detailed design of the project started in October 2010. This required a large amount of input from RPS as PSDP to ensure that design decisions were made having regard to overall project objectives and client SEPIL’s ‘Goal Zero’ safety objective. RPS has provided PSDP input in the following areas of the design:


4.9km / 4.2m diameter segment lined tunnel from Aughoose to Glengad

Tunnelling compound and pipeline stringing area

On land sections of onshore pipeline (3.4km)

Development of revised design of landfall valve installation (LVI)

Site investigations on land and within the marine environment

Coordination of temporary works designers

Preliminary Health & Safety Plans for defined elements of the project

Compilation of Safety File

Ongoing support to SEPIL and relevant designers in complying with their requirements under relevant Health & Safety legislation

Construction began in July 2011 and was completed in December 2015. The Corrib Onshore Gas Pipeline won the Engineers Ireland Outstanding Project of the Year Award in 2016.