Thornton Waste Facility


Thornton Waste Facility


Churngold Construction Ltd

RPS provided an independent review of the design approach associated with the surface water chamber at the Thornton Waste Facility. This review follows failure of the water tightness of the concrete seal at the base of the shaft during and following construction.

Our key objective was to review the various design strategies proposed for the construction of the shaft, and in particular:

Comment in relation to the identified site ground and groundwater conditions

Comment on the appropriateness of methodology proposed by the design house.

RPS undertook a numerical review of each of the options provided, considering both temporary and permanent cases with factor of safeties calculated for flexure, friction and buoyancy.We concluded that the design options did not consider some of the key constraints for the site and the options were considered inadequate.

In previous years, we have completed ground investigation, quantitative risk assessment to human health or to water receptors; remediation options appraisal as well as validation of implemented remedial works.