Slope Stability Assessment


Slope Stability Assessment

Northern Ireland

Invest Northern Ireland

RPS was commissioned to undertake comprehensive site assessments in support of earthworks design for a proposed new industrial estate.

The proposed scheme requires a large cut and fill balance involving approximately 1 million m3 of soil and rock movement. We scoped a suitable intrusive site investigation to allow for detailed design which was further supplemented following detailed logging identifying relic slip planes within the glacial deposits. Artesian groundwater conditions were identified.

Slopes analysis was undertaken to establish practical earthworks solutions to maximise the development footprints whilst minimising the costs associated with addressing the stability issues for approximately 1800 linear meters of slope. Materials were classified and assessed in order to establish reuse criteria within the development footprint identifying the potential need for processing and treatment.

Currently assessment of abnormal construction costs is being undertaken to ensure a best value approach for the development maximising retention of soils on site whilst mitigating the potential costs of construction associated with steep, previously failed slopes.