Corrib Onshore Gas Pipeline


Corrib Onshore Gas Pipeline

Shell E&P Ireland Ltd. (SEPIL)

RPS has met various geotechnical design challenges on the Corrib Project with practical solutions supported by detailed design calculations.

RPS has provided geotechnical input to the project in the following areas:

Site assessments including logging of geomorphological features

Management of ground investigations works (marine based and onshore)

Geotechnical input to the project EIS

Consideration of alternative construction methodologies

Compilation of a Geotechnical Risk Register

Interpretation of ground investigation information along the proposed tunnel route

Detailed geotechnical design of the tunnelling compound (>3.7ha), stone road (for sections of onshore pipeline in bog), tunnel reception pit (and its interface with the gas pipeline), landfall valve installation (LVI)

Miscellaneous geotechnical calculations (slope stability, settlement etc.)

Detailed materials balances for peat and stone for the project

Detailed design of sheet-piled trenches

Review of temporary works designs

Geotechnical support to SEPIL during construction

Construction began in July 2011 and was completed in December 2015. The Corrib Onshore Gas Pipeline won the Engineers Ireland Outstanding Project of the Year Award in 2016.