Development of National Abstraction & Discharge Databases


Development of National Abstraction & Discharge Databases

Environmental Protection Agency

The objective of this project was to develop a national database of licenced and licensable discharges to waters and a national water abstraction database to support the characterisation of waterbodies for the 2nd Cycle of River Basin Management Planning.

The project involved two main tasks as follows:

Collate and review data from data owners including the EPA, the Department of Environment, Community and Local Government, the 28 Local Authorities, the National Federation of Group Water Schemes, Irish Water and the Geological Survey of Ireland

Spatial location surveys of a portion of the Section 4 licenced discharge points and abstraction points in each of the 28 Local Authorities and also abstractions located at a portion of IPC/IE licensed installations/facilities.

For the verification surveys, RPS used Trimble GeoXH GPS units, which give sub-meter accuracy. Verification of the spatial locations of approximately 50% of the discharge points and approximately 25% of the abstraction points were undertaken and tagged with high locational confidence in the database. The spatial data is projected in the Irish National Grid coordinate system.