Marine Renewable Energy Strategic Framework


Marine Renewable Energy Strategic Framework

Welsh Government

RPS is providing GIS services for The Marine Renewable Energy Strategic Framework (MRESF) for Wales.

THE MRESF has been developed for the Welsh Government to help stakeholders gain an understanding of the resources available in Welsh Territorial Waters.

The project identifies theoretical resource areas for array deployment of renewable energy devices capable of harnessing wave or tidal stream energy. In addition, detailed GIS analysis has helped identify the environmental and socio-economic constraints likely to be encountered during the planning and consenting process. These range from nature designations and marine mammal populations to military activity and shipping lanes.

Using an interactive web-based GIS users are able to interrogate the constraints (presented as a colour-coded 250m grid), cross-reference this with resource information and also bring in their own data layers for reference. For more details please see the project website.