Land-sea Intervisibility


Land-sea Intervisibility

South West Coast

Npower Atlantic Array

RPS determined seascape units along the section of England's South West coastline as part of the proposed Atlantic Array Offshore Windfarm's Seascape, Landscape and Visual Impact Assessment (SLVIA).

Computational viewshed analysis was run on raster data and this determined and how many land cells could be seen by each cell within the sea study area. Areas shown in yellow could see more land cells than areas shown in blue.

The cell values were divided into land visibility quartiles of low, low to medium, medium to high and high. Seascape splays incorporating the area of highest visibility were draw in order to define the seascape units.

The viewshed analysis was then run again using a 50 by 50m cells within the seascape unit in order to determine the highest levels of intervisibility between the land and the sea.