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The Titanic Building is a major visitor attraction centred on the theme of the Titanic and RPS was appointed to act as Fire Engineering Consultants on this iconic building.

The building presented a number of challenges in terms of fire safety and its innovative architectural design meant that the application of standard fire safety guidance could not be applied and would not have provided cost effective design solutions. RPS prepared a detailed fire strategy report for the development and engaged with the design team and the approving authorities throughout the design development stages of the project. Challenges faced included maintaining stair sizes to a minimum to allow the useable floor area for exhibits and retail outlets to be maximised. In addition the central atrium space is a focal point in the building and acts as a primary circulation space. As this space is heavily occupied and forms part of the escape route from the building advanced Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) modelling was undertaken to demonstrate that the visitors in the building would remain safe in the event of a fire.