Biomass District Heating Feasibility Study


Biomass District Heating Feasibility Study, Longford Town

Longford Community Resources Limited


RPS was appointed by Longford Community Resources Limited (LCRL) to carry out a biomass district heating feasibility study for Longford Town.

Initially RPS developed a data spreadsheet and an energy end use map following extensive consultation with potential customers identified by LCRL. The consultation phase involved issuing of questionnaires, followed up with phone calls, emails and meetings, in order to gather thorough energy use data. A spreadsheet model was developed to accept and analyse this data. Following the consultation phase a preliminary design of a district heating system was completed. This design was based on the energy end use map and data spreadsheet.

The following tasks were completed at this stage:

Sizing of heat sources

Pipe routing taking into account potential customer locations, land use, pipe sizing, pipe type, no. of road crossings required, etc

The optimum flow and return temperatures for the system were determined

Sizing of pipes based on the required heat delivery capacity of the overall network, individual heat loads and on the defined flow and return temperatures

Heat source locations/ potential sites were identified

Customer heat exchanger requirements were defined

Calculation of annual energy consumption

Calculation of annual carbon emissions reduction