Nuclear Licensed Site


Former Site Tip Remediation and Investigation

Nuclear Licensed Site

RPS was appointed for the site investigation and subsequent remediation of a former site tip at a nuclear licensed defence site which was previously a World War II Royal Ordnance Factory. The site investigation and risk assessment confirmed soils within the tip to be impacted with asbestos, chemical contaminants and explosive residues.

As part of the redevelopment proposals, RPS developed the remediation strategy for mitigating contamination risks and prepared a detailed Engineering Design and Remediation Specification. The engineering design included 3D digital terrain modelling, volumetric calculations, CAD engineering drawings and visualisations.

The remediation strategy comprised the excavation and re-profiling of the asbestos contaminated tip material, and the placement of protective engineered capping materials to create a sculptured landscape feature.

To maximise the re-use of materials on site, the remediation strategy also included the adoption of current environmental best practice CL:AIRE 'Definition of Waste: Development Industry Code of Practice' (CoP) which promotes the most sustainable reuse of site derived materials and the use of a Materials Management Plan (MMP).

The remediation was supervised by Remediation Consultants, Radiation Protection supervisors and Explosive Ordnance Detection engineers from RPS. We also undertook a programme of groundwater monitoring and a Verification Report was also prepared to demonstrate compliance with the strategy and the MMP.

The sustainable remediation strategy design allowed 99% of the excavated materials being re-used within the development.