Loch Ryan Port Hydraulic Modelling


Loch Ryan Port Hydraulic Modelling

RPS was appointed by Stenaline to undertake a Hydraulic Modelling Study/EIA that would inform the design of the new £50m port at Loch Ryan.

The new port development included the dredging, reclamation, new jetty and port working area. In addition to engineering design, RPS undertook the assessment of the physical processes, morphology and dredging issues relating to the EIA for this project. In relation to these aspects of the project RPS coastal engineering team undertook the following:

Hydraulic modelling of waves, tides, sediment transport and dredging plumes.

Assessment of impacts of the development on the coastal processes of Loch Ryan.

Siltation and maintenance dredging assessment including optimisation of the harbour

Layout to reduce ongoing maintenance dredging requirements.

Assessment of the impacts of capital dredging and land reclamation particularly in regards to the adjacent shellfish beds.

Consultation with stakeholders.

Discussions and agreements with SEPA and SNH regarding the monitoring requirements for suspended sediment concentrations during dredging operations.

Advised on navigational issues including discussions with ships masters and other navigational interests.

Production of data for Harbour Order, discharge consents and potential public inquiry.