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Client Representative Role

RPS is highly experienced in the Client Representative role across a broad spectrum of infrastructural projects in transport, water, waste and building projects.

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The role is generally associated with Public Private Partnership (PPP/PFI) type projects, where RPS has represented the public sector client in overseeing and monitoring a service provider under a Design Build Finance and Operate Project Agreement (DBFO PA). We have recent experience of many such roles on projects in motorways, tunnels, water treatment plants, waste infrastructure projects and buildings - mostly ranging in expenditure from €50m to €500m capital values. The role is also commissioned by clients to coordinate the planning and development of major building projects using various procurement mechanisms. In this role, we operate in the planning and / or purely development role depending on the timing of our commissioning in the project. The full suite of project management skills is available to clients.

Case Studies

Clareville Water Treatment Plant

Clareville Water Treatment Plant

Limerick County Council

Clareville is Limerick City’s water treatment plant and is located on the banks of the River Shannon.

RPS, as part of a joint venture, was appointed as Client’s Representative for the final stage of the development of the plant – a DBO Contract to upgrade the plant from 50 Ml/d capacity to 115 Ml/d capacity.

This project has now been developed to provide an ultra-modern treatment plant capable of supplying the Limerick Region for the next 20 years under a DBO contract with Veolia Water Ireland. RPS has also overseen major development of the region’s supply network, developed the water conservation plan, overseen district metering, non domestic metering, lead services replacement pilot scheme and operator training on leak detection, GIS and modeling tools.

Dublin Waste to Energy

Dublin Waste to Energy

Dublin City Council

Client Representative for the Dublin Waste to Energy PPP project, providing project management and technical advice.

The objective was to determine the optimum procurement route and procure a thermal treatment plant in the Dublin Region utilising the most up to date technology.

Our role on this project included site selection; managing the entire process through to construction; managing input and baseline monitoring for the Environmental Impact Statement (EIS); managing the planning and licensing process including Oral Hearings for planning permissions and waste licence; foreshore and CER licence applications.

The project was stalled during a political hiatus 2009 – 2011. This was followed by environmental and commercial objections to the EU Commission on State Aid and Procurement. These were all rejected by the Commission following detailed submissions led by RPS.

Once cleared by the EU Commission, a Value for Money (VFM) Certificate was issued by the National Development Finance Agency. The four Dublin Local Authority CEOs then approved the revised Project Agreement with Covanta on September 19th 2014. Construction commenced thereafter and the plant is expected to be commissioned by 2017.

Limerick Tunnel

Limerick Tunnel

Limerick County Council & National Roads Authority

The 675m tunnel under the River Shannon is one of the largest and most complex infrastructural projects ever undertaken in Mid-West Ireland.

RPS, in a joint venture with COWI, has fulfilled the role of Project Consultant since 1999 and has worked with its JV partner, Limerick County Council and the National Roads Authority (NRA) on delivering this key piece of infrastructure that forms a critical link in the Government’s proposed Atlantic Corridor on the west coast of the country.

Prior to 2004, RPS led and project managed the JV team for the route selection, preliminary design and Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) phases leading to the granting of permission by An Bord Pleanála. Since 2004, RPS has been responsible for providing technical advice and assistance to the NRA for the tender phase and provided technical advice, design review and contract monitoring services during the construction phase of the project.