Liberty Insurance Buildings - Condition & Structural Surveys


Liberty Insurance Buildings - Condition & Structural Surveys

Grant Thornton

RPS was appointed to complete a condition survey, structural survey and cost estimation report for database access for potential purchasers.

RPS provided consultancy services in relation to the four Quinn properties (now Liberty Insurance) in Blanchardstown, Cavan and Enniskillen. The sale involved a valuation process where both vendor and purchaser could make comment in respect of the value of the property assets, in particular whether works needed to be carried out, or if there were any physical defects in relation to the properties which may or may not have a bearing on the value to be attributed to the properties.

The purchaser (Liberty Mutual) had building inspections carried out and reports prepared by their consultants / surveyors. RPS then carried out a technical review of those reports, which involved a visual inspection of the buildings. We also assisted with negotiations of purchase costs.