Clarion Hotel & Radisson Hotel – Condition & Structural Surveys


Clarion Hotel & Radisson Hotel – Condition & Structural Surveys

Dublin Airport Authority

RPS was appointed to undertake dilapidation, condition and structural surveys and cost estimation report for the Radisson Hotel and the Clarion Hotel.

RPS was commissioned, under two separate contracts, to carry out dilapidation surveys, as well as condition and structural surveys of the Radisson Hotel at Cork Airport and the Clarion Hotel at Dublin Airport.

For each hotel, RPS completed:

A condition survey of the physical elements of the hotel, both internal and external

A Health and Safety assessment of all items and identification of those which did not comply with the relevant Health & Safety regulations

A survey of the condition of decorations and finishes of a sample of bedrooms

A survey of all public areas in terms of structure, fire safety, disability access, mechanical and electrical services

A visual survey of external services including surface water and foul drainage.