M8/M73/M74 Motorway Improvement Project


M8/M73/M74 Motorway Improvement Project

Ferrovial Lagan JV (for Scottish Roads Partnership)

This £500m project will improve the safety and reliability of journeys between Glasgow and Edinburgh, and provide a north / south link to the UK.

RPS is working for Ferrovial Lagan JV responsible for the design, construction, commissioning, operation and maintenance of the project on behalf of the Scottish Roads Partnership. A genuine, integrated team approach has been adopted to cover the whole asset lifecycle. BIM has been used as the platform for this integration, managed and steered through the ‘M8 BIM Committee’ which comprises representatives of the designer, constructor and operator.

This innovative multi-party BIM committee has been instrumental in driving collaboration and integration across the entire project team and has brought value to all parties. The benefits include improved planning, more predictable construction and shared training resources.