Crampton Buildings Asbestos Survey


Crampton Buildings Asbestos and Lead in Paint Survey

Dublin City Council

RPS carried out a pre refurbishment asbestos survey and a ‘lead in paint’ sampling survey of the historic Crampton Buildings in Temple Bar.

Crampton buildings is a historically significant building located in the popular tourist area of Temple Bar area in Dublin city. The Local Authority, Dublin City Council, manage the building which is currently used for social housing with some commercial units on the ground floor. Dublin City Council are currently in the process of a regeneration project for the building and are refurbishing the 53 apartments within the complex.

RPS are contracted to carry out detailed asbestos refurbishment surveys on each apartment and in external areas of the complex as well as a comprehensive sampling survey of painted surfaces for the presence of lead. RPS in Dublin are managing the project and are providing on site surveyors to carry out the assessment. RPS laboratories in Manchester are carrying out analysis of the asbestos and lead samples.