Wind Turbine Manufacturing Facility


Wind Turbine Manufacturing Facility


Woolf Bond Planning

RPS completed an Air Quality Assessment to support a planning application to extend existing use to manufacture wind turbines.

Such production facilities can emit a range of pollutants to air during the fabrication and surface coating processes. Sensitive receptors including residential dwellings - were located only 300m from the proposed facility.

Some of the above emissions would be controlled under the Environmental Permitting Regulations, however, the residual impacts of some developments can still have unacceptable impacts on other nearby developments and land uses.

The manufacturing process used more than a dozen surface coating products, each containing many different chemical compounds of varying volatility.

Our Air Quality Assessment supported the planning application, even though detailed emissions data were not yet available. The results showed that concentrations of VOCs emitted were likely to be well below the expected EPR emission limit and the residual concentrations at the sensitive receptors were well below guideline concentrations set to protect human health. The results of the odour assessment confirmed that there would be no odour annoyance or nuisance beyond the site boundary.