Waste Management Act Enforcement at Illegal Diesel Laundering Sites


Waste Management Act Enforcement at Illegal Diesel Laundering Sites

Local Authorities


RPS has extensive experience in the provision of technical enforcement support to the Environmental Protection Agency and Local Authorities throughout the country.

This work has ranged from on the ground site inspections to technical advice on waste management classification procedures.

Currently, a number of RPS consultants have been are appointed as “authorised” persons under the Waste Management Act 1996 and Environmental Protection Agency Act. These consultants are involved in a range of enforcement duties which include: Odour Enforcement at Licensed Facilities.

For the purposes of the site inspections, our team have been trained in the use of the EPA Assessment of Odour Impact Site Inspection Procedure, which describes a systematic approach for the assessment, recording and reporting of odours at and in the vicinity of licensed facilities. An in-depth understanding of site operations, odour abatement procedures and licence enforcement is that site audits and inspections are completed to the highest standard.

RPS has been involved in the inspection of Illegal diesel laundering sites for breaches of the Waste Management Act on behalf of numerous Local Authorities. This work involves working closely with the Customs and Excise, An Garda Síochána and the Director of Public Prosecutions.