Stratford City


Stratford City

Bovis Land Lease Ltd / Westfield


RPS monitored construction dust for the Stratford City development on the site of a former railway goods yard. 60,000 tonnes of soil needed to be removed to make way for 2,800 homes, a shopping centre, associated infrastructure and support services.

Our clients recognised that construction dust emissions had the potential to cause significant nuisance and complaints and potential adverse health effects. Our team of consultants were tasked to provide expert professional advice and dust monitoring throughout the construction phase.

We used a dust monitoring scheme to show compliance with guideline levels set to protect against deposited dust nuisance. We also set up an automatic monitor and measured total suspended particulate (TSP) in the air. Any elevated levels could be correlated with the construction activities that were occurring at the time. For the duration of the project our consultants uploaded the results onto an ftp site, with access provided to the clients, the Local Authority and the Olympic Development Authority.

Our dust monitoring scheme demonstrated compliance with nuisance and health limits.