Sharpness Dock In-Vessel Composting Facility


Sharpness Dock In-Vessel Composting Facility

New Earth Solutions (NES)

RPS was commissioned to provide odour advice to minimise the potential for emissions to cause odour annoyance at nearby receptors.

We carried out the original odour assessment for the facility based on the pre-operational designs in support of its planning application, two years before it was acquired by NES. RPS addressed Environment Agency requirements following odour complaints about the facility, we updated the odour assessment using actual post-construction design parameters and measured odour emissions data.

RPS went on to detail the worst-case ground level odour concentrations resulting from a reduced extraction fan speed.

RPS presented a robust assessment that allowed our conclusions to be based on a strong weight of evidence.

Using atmospheric dispersion models we were able to predict odour impacts for a range of ventilation stack heights that could potentially be used to improve dispersion and dilution of emitted odours.

The assessment concluded that, by increasing the biofilter ventilation stack from 18 to 28 metres, ground-level odours would be reduced to an acceptable level.