Guernsey Airport Runway and Infrastructure


Guernsey Airport Runway and Infrastructure

Forest Parish of Guernsey

RPS completed an Air Quality Assessment to demonstrate the proposed runway improvements at Guernsey Airport would not adversely affect air quality and climate at any stage of the project. Particular consideration was given to the effects of construction-related traffic on the local road network.

Although, there are no air quality standards in Guernsey, RPS were able to judge the significance of the effects caused by emissions from construction-related vehicles by comparison to the area’s existing air quality conditions.

We also used a risk-based approach to the assessment of fugitive dust and emissions associated with onsite construction-related plant and vehicle emissions. We also recommended the appropriate mitigation measures required to prevent, reduce or offset the effects.

RPS demonstrated that the change in greenhouse gas emissions associated with the airport improvements would be trivial in the context of global temperature change and our client benefited by not having to carry out global climate modelling as part of the scope of this assessment.