Underwater Noise Propagation Study for Ireland


Underwater Noise Propagation Study for Ireland

Petroleum Infrastructure Programme (PIP) and National University of Ireland Galway (NUIG)

RPS, in association with NUIG, has developed underwater noise models for Irish waters.

The PIP-funded project provides the first validated underwater noise propagation study in Irish waters, through the integration of seismic survey noise observations and an acoustic noise propagation model.

This ground-breaking project involved a ten day survey from the Irish Coast to the Porcupine Bank, with a programme of underwater noise monitoring using a drifting buoy methodology as well as an autonomous underwater vehicle.

RPS was engaged to undertake the noise monitoring and develop the underwater noise model in collaboration with NUIG. From the seismic source data collected and the validation of models on this project, RPS has developed underwater noise modelling parameters for Irish waters generally. Using the validated model parameters in combination with site specific data for other sites RPS can provide robust underwater noise models for a wide variety of marine projects.