Oweninny Wind Farm, Co. Mayo


Oweninny Wind Farm, Co. Mayo

ESB International / Bord na Móna

Oweninny Wind Farm is the largest proposed onshore wind farm project in Ireland with an application for 112 turbines and a combined capacity of 370 MW.

The site is located in Ballacorick, Co. Mayo and comprises cutaway and cutover bogland and a number of Natura sites. Ireland’s first commercial wind farm was established at the site in 1992 and the current project proposes 112 large turbines.

The proposed development is subject to the strategic infrastructure procedure including an oral hearing. It includes a visitor centre, which will provide insight into the history of power generation, from peat to wind energy.

RPS has provided a range of acoustic services including route selection for overhead and underground cable route options, presenting the airborne noise section of the EIS at oral hearing. The project involved analysis and presentation of long term noise monitoring data at multiple sites.