Titanic Quarter - Belfast


Titanic Quarter - Belfast

Titanic Quarter Ltd

Northern Ireland

The new Titanic Signature Building is a centerpiece and key catalyst in the regeneration of Belfast’s Titanic Quarter, and the economic recovery of Northern Ireland.

RPS was commissioned to provide civil, structural and fire engineering services in relation to the project. As a phase of the overall Titanic Quarter project, the Titanic Signature Building links together key Titanic heritage sites on Queen’s Island in the Belfast Docklands. The new national interpretative site has drawn some 200,000 visitors in the first year and is already one of the three top tourism attractions in Northern Ireland.

RPS was involved in the detailed design of the site civil engineering infrastructure works which included ground decontamination. These works are essential components in the development of the site and they have been designed to accommodate the future development that is anticipated to take place. These works include new roads, signalised junctions, upgrading of the existing carriageways adjacent to the site and public realm areas along with the site drainage infrastructure. Very substantial temporary support works were required for the reinforced concrete and steel permanent superstructures particularly due to the geometry involved especially due to the outward stilts on the four corners which were designed to replicate the front hulls of the Titanic.