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Highways and Traffic

RPS has unrivalled experience in the planning, design and construction management of roads and highways across the UK and Ireland.

We have played a pivotal role in the ongoing development of the urban and inter-urban road networks on an all-island basis. Over the past 30 years we have built up a specialised roads section and developed a reputation synonymous with technical excellence.

Our services include:

Constraints identification and mapping

Route selection

Preliminary design studies

Environmental impact statements / assessments

Detailed design and contract documentation

Contract procurement

Construction supervision

Employer’s representative role

Contractor’s designer for D&B and PPP / PFI Projects

Technical adviser to lenders for privately funded projects

Geotechnical assessment and interpretative reports

Road safety audits

Health and safety - project supervisor design process (PSDP) / CDM Coordinator

Traffic calming.

Case Studies

A1 / N1 Newry to Dundalk

A1 / N1 Newry to Dundalk A1 / N1 Newry to Dundalk

SIAC / Ferrovial (Northroute JV)

This 13.5km Dual Carriageway project forms a vital link in the main Dublin-Belfast corridor.

The €100m project, through difficult topography involves the design and construction of 13.5km of all-purpose 2-lane dual carriageway, three grade separated junctions, 11 principal structures (road, river and rail bridges), soft and contaminated ground geotechnical solutions and the realignment of approximately 6km of associated regional and county road.

As sole Contractor’s Designer, RPS was fully responsible for conceptual design, value engineering, detailed design & specification, traffic management design, landscape design, construction supervision, certification of design and construction.

Limerick Tunnel

Limerick Tunnel Limerick Tunnel

Limerick County Council & National Roads Authority


The 675m tunnel under the River Shannon is one of the largest and most complex infrastructural projects ever undertaken in Mid-West Ireland.

RPS, in a joint venture with COWI, has fulfilled the role of Project Consultant since 1999 and has worked with its JV partner, Limerick County Council and the National Roads Authority (NRA) on delivering this key piece of infrastructure that forms a critical link in the Government’s proposed Atlantic Corridor on the west coast of the country.

The tunnel, which is the fourth crossing of the River Shannon, will reduce journey times for traffic crossing the River Shannon, reduces traffic volumes moving through Limerick City, improves interconnectivity between national routes converging on Limerick City and improves access to Shannon Airport. It will deliver both economic and environmental benefits for the local community by easing traffic congestion in the city and reducing journey times. The reduced traffic congestion in the city will improve safety for both motorists and pedestrians and will facilitate increased the use of bus and cycle lanes in the city, while improving air quality by reducing emissions.

M6 Galway to Ballinasloe

M6 Galway to Ballinasloe M6 Galway to Ballinasloe

Galway County Council and the National Roads Authority

The M6 Galway to Ballinasloe PPP scheme was the final link in first inter-city motorway to be completed in Ireland.

RPS worked with the National Roads Authority and local authorities since 1999 to deliver the impressive project which opened six months ahead of schedule in December 2009.

The €750m scheme consists of 56km of dual carriageway from Galway to East Ballinasloe along with a 7km link road to Loughrea and 32km of other side and link roads. It includes over 30 road bridges including five grade separated junctions, three rail crossings, one 100m river crossing and one footbridge crossing. RPS provided consultancy services on the initial route selection and environmental matters, and preparing the CPO, EIS and preliminary design; then carrying out the design, procurement and supervising substantial advance contracts. RPS also implemented environmental monitoring and mitigation measures for the project and conducted the detailed design review stage, as well as assisting with technical aspects of the PPP procurement process.

N3 Traffic Management Plan

N3 Traffic Management Plan N3 Traffic Management Plan

Office of Public Works (OPW)

RPS was appointed by the Office of Public Works (OPW) to prepare a Traffic Management Plan (TMP) to facilitate the construction of a 20m wide culvert crossing of the N3 dual carriageway in the north western suburbs of Dublin, as part of the Tolka River Flood Alleviation Scheme.

This scheme required extensive traffic management measures on the N3 Dublin – Cavan Road to cater for the current annual average daily traffic (AADT) of 70,000 vehicles per day at the location of the culvert crossing.

RPS produced a TMP Report and detailed plan drawings that contained traffic management measures, which were implemented to facilitate the construction of the scheme. All guidelines on speed limits, required lane widths, signs, tapers, cones, barriers and safety zones were taken from both the Irish and UK ‘Traffic Signs Manual Chapter 8’.

Northern Ireland DBFO

Northern Ireland DBFO Northern Ireland DBFO

Lagan / Ferrovial JV


RPS was appointed Designer by Lagan Ferrovial JV on the Northern Ireland DBFO project, which involved the design and construction of 12km of dual carriageway in Northern Ireland between Cloghogue Roundabout south of Newry and Beech Hill, north of Newry.

The project connects to the A1 / N1 scheme, also designed by RPS, at Cloghogue. The scheme includes the design of four grade separated junctions, soft ground geotechnical solutions, the realignment of 15km of associated side roads, three river bridges, one rail bridge, eight road overbridges, three underbridges and two accommodation works bridges.

Titanic Quarter - Belfast

Titanic Quarter - Belfast

Titanic Quarter Ltd

Northern Ireland

The new Titanic Signature Building is a centerpiece and key catalyst in the regeneration of Belfast’s Titanic Quarter, and the economic recovery of Northern Ireland.

RPS was commissioned to provide civil, structural and fire engineering services in relation to the project. As a phase of the overall Titanic Quarter project, the Titanic Signature Building links together key Titanic heritage sites on Queen’s Island in the Belfast Docklands. The new national interpretative site has drawn some 200,000 visitors in the first year and is already one of the three top tourism attractions in Northern Ireland.

RPS was involved in the detailed design of the site civil engineering infrastructure works which included ground decontamination. These works are essential components in the development of the site and they have been designed to accommodate the future development that is anticipated to take place. These works include new roads, signalised junctions, upgrading of the existing carriageways adjacent to the site and public realm areas along with the site drainage infrastructure. Very substantial temporary support works were required for the reinforced concrete and steel permanent superstructures particularly due to the geometry involved especially due to the outward stilts on the four corners which were designed to replicate the front hulls of the Titanic.