Whinnyhall Landfill Scotland


Whinnyhall Landfill Scotland

Rio Tinto

RPS has provided design and procurement services to Rio Tinto for the restoration and aftercare of Whinnyhall Landfilll at Burntisland north of Edinburgh.

The landfill was used for the disposal of red mud (bauxite residue), a residue from the nearby alumina processing plant in Burntisland until its closure in 2002. It was operated under a Waste Licence from SEPA but has now been restored having regard to the requirements of the EU Landfill Directive and all EU and national legislation. The landfill is located in a previously worked out oil shale mining area and the groundwater/leachate regime and stability of the site are affected by its mining history.

RPS carried out extensive investigations at the site to assess the stability of the landfill. A design for the restoration of the landfill was completed and a construction contract procured. The design incorporated capping, leachate collection and treatment, surface water collection and diversion from the waste body, and slope stability solutions. Restoration works are now complete with leachate being treated on site at a treatment plant being managed by RPS. Various end use options are also being developed for the site including the installation of wind turbines to offset future operational costs.