Stansted Airport, Essex, Manchester Airport Group


Stansted Airport, Essex


As strategic planning advisers to BAA, RPS provided advice and assisted in the preparation and submission of this application for making best use of the existing single runway, removing the 25 million a year cap on passenger numbers and increasing the limit on air transport movements to 264,000 a year.

Following the Local Authority’s refusal of the application, a public inquiry was held, at which RPS acted as an expert witness. Later that year, the Government decided to grant permission for increased passenger numbers on Stansted's existing single runway. On all significant points BAA’s case was fully supported by the Planning Inspector and endorsed by the Government.

In the next phase of Stansted’s expansion, RPS assisted in the preparation and submission of the 38 applications required to enable a second runway at the Airport. RPS provided strategic planning advice and co -ordinated the submission of the package of applications. RPS also co-ordinated and prepared the EIA accompanying the road and rail elements of the project.