Heathrow Terminal 5

Heathrow Terminal 5, London



RPS were retained by BAA’s strategic planning team throughout the preparation of Heathrow’s Terminal 5 (T5) project and the T5 Public Inquiry.

T5 sits on a 260 hectare site between the main runways and was designed to handle 35 million passengers a year. RPS was a key part of BAA’s team planning and environmental team from the start of the project in 1989 until consent had been granted and conditions were being discharged in 2002. RPS provided input in to Richard Roger’s initial masterplan, baseline environmental surveys, assessments for the Environmental Statements, planning advice for construction logistics facilities and provided three witnesses at the T5 Inquiries.

RPS specialists worked on numerous aspects over its course. The services and reports provided by RPS included:

Preparation of planning applications for logistics sites for T5 construction which occupied in excess of 30ha

Preparation of reports on the effects of the T5 Construction Programme upon local communities

Designing, compiling and managing a database of all commitments made by BAA and the permissions, licences and consents required to implement T5

Assessment of countryside policy impacts for the environmental statements of both the T5 development and the Highways Agency’s associated road improvements

Development of a wide-ranging Management Plan aimed at improving the appearance and nature conservation value of land west of the new Terminal and managing public access within the adjacent Colne Valley Park

Contaminated land investigation and remediation studies on the land within the applications.


T5 was officially opened by Queen Elizabeth II in 2008.